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[Interest On] Monday Night DnD

illgottengainsillgottengains Registered User regular
edited November 2009 in Critical Failures
I'm looking at running a published adventure called "Dark Heart of Mithrendain" for a group of 5 level 12 PCs.

Game time will be midnight eastern US time until approx 4am US eastern.

We'll use Maptools version 1.3b61. You MUST have this version.

We'll begin the game as soon as we have a full and balanced group. There will be no deadline for character generation. Please create no more than two characters using standard 22 point buy and standard rules for items and gold. Scales of war and General backgrounds should give you enough options. Use any class you like (yes hybrid). Any level of experience is welcome. After you post your character(s) I'll contact you with information for connecting to my maptools server which I will be leaving up as much as possible so everyone can get a fair shot. I'll likely accept the first five players who successfully connect.

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