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When should I put in to transfer to a quarterly college from a semester based CC

EliteLamerEliteLamer __BANNED USERS regular
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I am planing to transfer from a semester based college to a quarterly based college and the admissions reads..
you have earned at least 45 quarter or 30 semester hours after high school graduation, you will be considered for admission on a competitive basis.

I am at 33 credits right now but was planning to finish my two years and receive my AA. How would that AA if at all transfer? It would be much cheaper for me to finish as many classes here as possible.

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  • billwillbillwill Registered User regular
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    1. This is why colleges have counselors.

    2. How would your AA degree transfer? I'm not 100% sure, but I believe all degrees from accredited schools (bar a few exceptions, of course) are accepted by all colleges...especially if the colleges are in the same city/state.

    3. You should definitely consider this though: you will almost definitely lose credits if you transfer without getting your degree, so you will have to retake some credits, which will be a pain in the ass.

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  • tardcoretardcore Registered User regular
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    Yes, call the school you want to transfer to and set up an appointment to speak with a counselor. Bring with you unofficial transcripts and whatever else they tell you to bring. Also, check the schools website as they usually have admissions deadlines posted somewhere.

    As far as when to put in the transfer, I'd say immediately, unless you wanted to start attending during a certain semester.

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  • SentrySentry Registered User regular
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    Do it as soon as possible.

    Taking classes from different systems is a fantastic way to lose credits. Also just so you know, transferring from a school that is on quarters to a school that is on semesters will devastate your credits. Be forewarned. Make sure the quarter college is the one you intend to graduate from.

    Also, if you're going for a four year degree an AA is worthless. Don't fuck yourself over for an AA.

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  • JWashkeJWashke Registered User regular
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    Your Community Colleges should have counselors just for helping you with this. Go see them ASAP. A lot of schools even have a transfer Center or counselors entirely geared towards helping people transfer.

    It may differ based on where are you. I'm in California and just finished applying for transfer to 4 year quarter based UC's from a semester based community college.

    The norm here is to transfer as a junior at the University, so basically leaving CC with at least 60 transferable semester units. You can apply for transfer earlier, but here it seems pretty rare to be accepted.

    I wouldn't bother with the AA, you'll probably have to complete extra classes for it that won't transfer, so if your set on getting your bachelors just get your minimum transfer units and move on.

    You will also have different class requirements depending on what major your transferring into, some majors will require a lot of prerequisite classes to transfer into, others just the basic education. If your in California I could provide you with some very helpful links, but I don't know for other places.

    Above all you really need to talk to a counselor. At least at my CC, this is basically what their paid for, and trust me it really sucks to realize you took 12 units worth of classes that won't transfer and are completely worthless.
    You really need to see a counselor though for specifics on where you are, what maj

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