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I think I screwed up my integrated graphics

KlorgnumKlorgnum Registered User
EDIT: On second thought, I was going to reformat soon anyway. Might as well do it now, hopefully it'll fix all this.

I was experimenting with the ATI Mobility Modder yesterday to see if I could update the graphics drivers on my Dell laptop (It won't let me install new ones unless they come from Dell, and Dell hasn't released any since 2006). I installed the latest, had some trouble and installed the previous version. I still had some trouble so I went back to my original, Dell-provided ones. Now whenever I play L4D2, it crashes when it loads a map. I can get to the main menu just fine, but starting a game just won't work. It gives me a paged pool memory error and crashes, which has never happened before. Apart from installing Mirror's Edge through Steam, I don't remember doing anything significant since the last time I played it and it worked. I'm assuming this has been because I was messing around with the drivers.
The only other game I've tried since then has been Sword of the Stars, which seems to work fine.

I was stupid when I was installing the drivers and didn't remove the previous ones first. Since then, I've uninstalled the drivers, rebooted to safe mode, run DriverSweeper and reinstalled the drivers (all this twice), and done a system restore, but nothing's helped.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, short of reformatting my computer?


Dell Inspiron 6400
ATI Mobility Radeon X1400
1 Gb ram
Intel core duo 1.8GHz

Klorgnum on
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