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Where do I start?

CITIZEN SNIPS!!!CITIZEN SNIPS!!! Registered User new member
edited January 2007 in Critical Failures
I've been interested in Warhammer for a while now and, coincidentally, a guy (now one of my good friends) who happens to play it moved to a town near where I live recently. Due to this, I've decided I want to start playing it, but I have no idea where to begin! There seems to be a lot to it, so I'm a little bit bewildered. Could any of you give me a little advice as to what to buy first, how much money I need to invest, how to get into 'the scene', so to speak, etc? My friends has primarily 40,000, but also some LOTR + I think he said one called 'Fantasy'. I think I'd like to start 40k or LOTR.
Thanks very much.

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