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Intrested in Work/Study Abroad Type Programs [England]

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So I was thinking last night about how much I like to travel but how I also like to have money when I do so. I've lived and worked in Japan but I'd like to find something in England.

I know they don't need English teachers, but I've been seeing ads for job's in many different fields where you go over to England then they place you into a job. This sounds a bit too good to be true, so I haven't really followed up on it much but does anyone have any experience with something like this?

I'd really like some sort of work study deal. The problem here is I'm not currently a student at any universities I already have my degree and everything, and I know with the way things are currently there probably aren't many 'come visit the country you want to see and find a mundane job to help you live there for a little while longer' type jobs around

So any advice?

Also this would probably be maybe a year from now, I'm just trying to think ahead.

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