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360 audio and monitor problem

ZephyrZephyr Registered User regular
alright so i have my nice big widescreen monitor that i use to play my 360 (and ps3) on, hooked up via HDMI

picture and all is great but the problem is the speakers that are inside the monitor are incredibly weak and i need subtitles in some games just to understand what people are saying, this obviously lessens the experience of the game

the problem is my monitor only has an Audio In, not audio out, and unless i'm wrong this means i can't just hook up speakers to it which would be embarrassing but also make this really fucking easier (i don't actually have speakers right now to test this with) , i've already tried headphones

right now my plan is to buy the 360 AV cord and hook up the audio to a stereo or something and just keep the HDMI cord in my monitor for video, which hopefully will work

so basically what i'm asking is if anyone had a simpler plan than this, or in case this plan doesn't work

Zephyr on
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