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How many [Stamps] does it take to get to the center of a [Recipient]?

ErifderErifder Registered User new member
edited December 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
United States Postal Service - Parcel from one place to another place in the same state.

I don't mail stuff very often, but I have a parcel that can hold 8 1/2 x 11 (regular printed paper) very comfortably. I think the parcel size is slightly larger (like 9 x 12 or something).

Now, normally when I mail these types of things (for job applications and whatnot), I'll go straight to the post office, they'll weigh it, and then charge me the exact amount for spending it.

The problem is, I start work before the post office opens and get out after it closes.

I have about 8 sheets of paper inside of it, and I bought me 18 stamps from an ATM to stick on this sucker. Now, personally I wouldn't mind sticking 10 stamps on the thing and sticking it in my mailbox, but I also don't want the recipient to get the package and go @_@.

So we're going to play Reverse "Price is Right" rules, where going 1 over is okay. Right now, my bet is on 4 stamps, but I wanted to get everyone else's opinion on this.

Let's hear your bids! Thanks for the help. =D

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