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Question about Superman from a chick who doesn't know anything about comics....

PiratesDaughterPiratesDaughter Registered User new member
edited December 2009 in Graphic Violence
So I don't quite know how me and my boyfriend got on the subject but basically it was after I found out that Wolverine was Canadian and therefore could not be trusted (a joke please don't be offended people from America's most noble of hats). He pointed out to me that Superman also was not American and well that doesn't sound right. He's from Kansas no? And I assume he has a ss card as he gets paid by the Daily Planet. Anyhoo I figured I'd join this board and ask. So is Superman American? If you had to give him a nationally wouldn't that be it or is he dunno just another illegal alien taking our jobs?

Thank you.

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  • CowSharkCowShark Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    He is a space alien, sent to earth as a baby and raised by good folk in Kansas.

    Edit: Although he's probably an U.S. citizen, I'm sure the Kents must've gotten papers for him. If not, "Superman's Child Services Adventures" could be a surreal storyline for a couple books.

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  • KalTorakKalTorak One way or another, they all end up in the Undercity.Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    Yes, while he is an American icon, Superman is an alien in every sense of the word.

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  • NogsNogs Crap, crap, mega crap. Crap, crap, mega crap.Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    Superman, Alien

    Clark Kent, U.S. Citizen

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  • ServoServo Registered User, ClubPA regular
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    questions thread

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