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Expresscard for esata

WaldoWaldo Registered User regular
Hiya, I am useless and need some help: My laptop has no esata ports, but does have an expresscard slot, so I am thinking of buying an expresscard esata controller so I can use my external hdd (which has esata and usb2.0 ports) with my laptop and not have backups be slow as hell.

I looked on newegg and found a few options, but some of them have those "powered esata" ports that combine esata for data and usb power. My external hdd has an ac plug and power brick. If I get one of the cards with the powered ports, can I just use the esata cable? Is there a special kind? Or is this only for those few "esata thumb drives" I've seen? Halp!

I honestly would be ok if I had to keep using the power brick, but if I could have just one cable that would be nice.

Thanks muchly

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  • SatsumomoSatsumomo Rated PG! Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    If the external HDD comes with a power brick, you will always have to use it. Drives that draw power from the e-sata port were specifically designed to do this, but your current drive was designed to draw power from the wall.

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