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Sodium One - An excuse to load up Playstation Home

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What is Sodium One?

That is the million dollar question, isn't it? Well, a lot of the descriptions I saw of it called it a Free-to-Play MMO. Well, that's a bit of a stretch. What it boils down to is this. It's a sci-fi themed lobby for Playstation Home. But behold, there is more to it than that. Everything you do here, everything I mention, is done entirely in the Playstation Home program.

Stuff to Do

That picture you see up there? That's VICKIE, which stands for some bullshit. More on her later. First, about the area.

As I said, it acts as a sci-fi themed lobby for Home. There is a room with a giant tank think floating around, and another room with a tank on a platform. Past all that is a bar area, a general dance floor type thing, and exclusive pilot's area. Off to the side there is a scorpion stomping area. So let me tell you about these free mini-games.

Scorpio's! - There are two things to do here: drink and make people drinks.

First, the drinking game is as follows. You get a menu and have four things to pick: Glass type, fluid color, and two seperate garnish items (umbrellas, etc). Once you are done doing that, you wait for one of the other players who are pretending to bartend come over and make your drink. Just as in real-life, these bartenders are slow as dirt. Once they are done, you get to drink it. You have a small bar, and a button with bounce back and forth. The button randomly changes, and you have to press the correct button as it lines up with the circle in the center. Then you are scored on your accuracy and speed, etc.

Second, making people drinks. You walk up to people who are waiting for a drink and you click when the prompt appears. You can take multiple orders, I believe, but I've only done one at a time. Essentially, it's a memory game. You see the person's drink order for a few seconds, then you have to pick the same choices to make their drink. You can refer back to their drink anytime, but the clock keeps ticking. So you make the drink and are scored on how fast and how correct you were. Easy enough.

Robot Scorpion Stomping - You walk around stomping scorpions, simple as that.

Well, there is more to it than that, but I won't spoil the 'strategy' of it. But it not entirely free, as their are red scorpions in this area that can only be stomped by cement blocks you put on your feet. These blocks cost $1 from the 'Commerce Point'.

Salt Shooter Tank Trainer - This is essentially Battlezone. Single-player only.

It's a small arena in which you fly a hover tank around and shoot bad guys. I liken it to a third person shooter. Left stick moves you forward, back, left, and right. Right stick aims and turns, but you can only aim level with the ground. You fight until you die, and you get a ranking. This is simplistic and is really just a basic version of its grandpappy...

Sodium One - The bread and butter. Like the Salt Shooter above, but more in depth, and the only thing so far that costs any chunk of change.

Its 50 levels of a couple waves of enemies that you have to shoot down. And the end of each wave, you get one or two new items that you can go back and fit your hovertank with. Enemies will drop upgrade parts that you can then use to further enhance these parts to make them more powerful. The graphics are nothing to brag about, and the arenas are just large open salt flats. The first five levels are free, but to get the rest, you must buy the pilot's jacket for $5 from the 'Commerce Point'. I've only gone through the first 20 levels myself, but all in all I'd say I got my money's worth, especially considering all the other crap I wasted my gaming dollars on.

Other stuff to note - Back to VICKIE.

The enemies in the Sodium One game will drop resources; silicone, silver, and gold, that can be sold to VICKIE for Sodium Credits. So far, these credits are only useful for buying clothes for your dude (or dudette). Another thing that VICKIE does is keep track of your Objectives. These are little tasks, like stomp a scorpion, that give you sodium credits. Not really worth worrying about, as there's only about a dozen of these things.

How about you check a YewToob vidja:
Sodium One

Official Site.

Go, check it out. I need someone to talk to about it and a reason to add friends on my PS3. And if I hadn't made it clear, everything is done within the confines of Playstation Home.

And if you hate my OP, then screw you, it's my first one.

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