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What To Look For In A New Laptop

Crimson KingCrimson King Registered User regular
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So my old computer ate itself, and now I need to buy a new one. I'm a college student who's just moved out of home, so this is actually the first time I've had to buy my own computer. The problem is, I'm not really sure what criteria to look for and how to judge the value of a laptop. I have asked a few people at the computer stores, but I don't really trust them to give me accurate information, especially as they have a tendency to tell me contradictory things. So I thought I'd come to you guys.

I'm looking for a laptop that will serve as my only computer, which means it needs to be able to do all the basic computer stuff - typing assignments, using the internet, watching movies, etc. I'd also like to be able to play games on it. Nothing too crazy - I mostly play RPGs and older games just as much as newer ones, so I'm not looking for something crazy fast, but I would like to be able to run, let's say, Champions Online without too much trouble. Apart from that, I have no particular special needs. So far I've been quoted prices from $700 to $530 as the basic for this kind of thing. And I'm a student, so I'm hella cheap. My question to you is; how do I go about finding the cheapest laptop that will fulfil my needs?

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  • DachshundDachshund Registered User regular
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    Gateway P-7805u.

    17" laptop, geforce mobile 9800gts/1gb ddr3, 4gb ddr3 1066, 2.26 Ghz dual, etc

    It's been out for a year or so. Used to be $1300 new. A quick ebay search shows refurbished 7805s for $800

    I have the P-6860, which is a few iterations back in the same gaming laptop line. It played the champs beta at mostly high settings. It plays things like L4D2 at max. Smudges reeeeal easy though; it's actually kinda gross

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