Battleswarm a good game ?

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I wanna hear your thoughts


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    I played this for a few days, but I'm not an expert and any of the concepts. The idea is really interesting, and combat can be really cinematic and cool. Basically though, everyone has to know what they are doing for a game to be really exciting. If even one marine fucks up and the bugs are good, they can get rolled early. If one or both of the bugs are bad they just get camped at the spawns and it's boring. Maybe 1 in 5 games I played were fun, the rest were tedious.

    Getting random items from battles was sort of cool, because you could stack them together. It didn't make the cash shop necessary and felt fairly rewarding. I think the really good shit had to be purchased from the shop though.

    I didn't really play enough to get a good feel for overall balance, but it seemed to me that good bug players were at a tremendous advantage over good marines, especially once they starting rolling out more bug types. I think that part of that though is there are more people on the marine side which means more people who can potentially be horrible.

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