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Combine two Internet Connections?

Mr_GrinchMr_Grinch Registered User regular
I saw a similar post here a while ago but can't seem to find it now.

My neighbour and I are on two different ISP's. Mine is Virgin which has a lovely 50mb download speed but a pretty pathetic upload speed. I forget his ISP but it's Broadband rather than cable and has a decent upload speed.

So we ended up discussing this and thought it would be advantageous if we could share our internet connections.

I was hoping to be able to have my wired network coming in to my computer via ethernet and then connect to his wireless network via the usb wifi dongle on my computer and somehow combine the bandwidth. He would be doing the same thing on his side of the wall.

A couple of questions:

a) Is it possible?
b) Are we breaking any laws? I checked the T&C for Virgin and there doesn't appear to be anything against doing this.
c) What do I need to do?

I was hoping to "combine" the connections, but if this isn't possible then some sort of load balancing solution would be great.

Any solutions?

I've got a spare router kicking around running dd-wrt if that'd be of any use :)

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  • Mr_GrinchMr_Grinch Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    Well, clever me, I've just spotted the other thread on this very page.

    Sorry folks!

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    Steam: Sir_Grinch
    PSN: SirGrinchX
    Xbox Live: SirGrinch X
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