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MCP 70-270 Microsoft Exam

MrIamMeMrIamMe Registered User regular
edited January 2007 in Games and Technology
Hi all.

Im about to do my 70-270 Microsoft Cert, but I don't feel 100% ready.

Ive got the Testking PDF v37.0, and the Glenn Northrup XP Pro Training kit.

Does anyone know where I can get some full sample exams cheaply/free? Im somewhat broke atm, so any help would be appreciated.


MrIamMe on


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    syndalissyndalis Getting Classy On the WallRegistered User, Loves Apple Products regular
    edited January 2007
    not free, unfortunately.

    The certification business is fueled by teh monies.

    You could go to a library with a tech section, bring a notebook, and take the test off of the books there.

    Also, you can do the same at borders/barnes and noble, just so long as you are a customer to them somehow. Buy a mocha from starbucks or something.

    syndalis on
    Let's play Mario Kart or something...
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    MrIamMeMrIamMe Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    Not a bad idea actually, thanks!

    Im in Australia, the starbucks here a) have terrible coffee and b) are just coffee shops with nothing extra.

    But I def didnt think of the public library, guess Im prejudiced from when I was younger, the library never had the books I needed, but if I wanted fiction, it was there in droves.

    MrIamMe on
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