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Photoshop Hero! Well, close...

sedjtrollsedjtroll Registered User new member
edited February 2010 in Games and Technology
Who remembers this classic Penny Arcade strip?
Chances are you've seen this already, but in case you haven't - it appears Gabe and Tycho may have been onto something (two and a half years ago)...

Microsoft has this new thing called Ribbon Hero which literally is supposed to make a game out of using Word or Excel. The idea I think is to encourage people to learn the features. I think it's a really neat way to go. I wrote a blog post about how this relates to evolution, but I'm not a spammer so I won't link it - industrious people can find it if they want to.

The post I read about it in is kinda interesting. I can't wait until this type of feature does hit Photoshop, I could really use some help learning how to use that!

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