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I've just recently started reading novels of graphic nature, and this Deadpool fellow and his exploits seem rather intriguing. Where should I start? Should I pick up one of the collections off of Amazon or should I just subscribe on Marvel?

It is your duty as a filmgoer to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.
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    The first three volumes of Deadpool Classic would be a good start, as all the stuff written by Joe Kelly is of very high quality. From there I'd check out Cable and Deadpool, and the current Deadpool series written by Daniel Way.

    If you want to start picking up the single issues, you could try out Deadpool Team-Up, as each issue features a self-contained story. And the regular Deadpool series by Daniel Way is about to begin a new arc with issue #20, which ships this month.

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    If you're able to, you can try to track down Gail Simone's run of the character, as well as the Agent X. Both series are amazingly funny.

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    this is really more of a questions thread or help i'm new to comics kind of thing.

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