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Trying to insure my JetSki.

EliteLamerEliteLamer __BANNED USERS regular
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All the prices are too high. I don't understand why my jet ski only cost 1000 bucks and all the places I got a quote from want 20-30 bucks a month. When my friend is only paying 17 bucks a month on a 14k jetski..

What am I doing wrong why are the quotes so high? I checked online and most people are paying under 20 a month.

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    BackstopBackstop Registered User regular
    edited February 2010
    These other people that are paying less, are they older? married? took a safety class? Have less coverage? better credit scores? have had PWC policies in force longer? other policies with the same company? have more years of boating experience? store the PWC in a zipcode with fewer claims? paying for coverage only during the summer? Higher deductibles?

    These are all things that will affect your rate. The cost of your jet ski is only part of it, they are also weighing the risk of damage/injuries you may cause to others on the water.

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    VeritasVRVeritasVR Registered User regular
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    Some companies insure motorcycle rates based on the size of the engine regardless if its a sport bike, cruiser, etc. Some companies do consider type of bike.

    I'm sure it's the same for a JetSki. Ask some questions about the variables that contribute to your rate. Factors you consider minor may be rather severe.

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