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Capturing video from an Xbox 360, and getting screenshots

yalborapyalborap Registered User regular
I'm fiddling with a capture card. GameBridge, to be precise. Trying to get footage out of ye olde Xbox 360. So far, I have two issues:

-I can't seem to get anything out of the composite unless it's set to SD on my television. And my television lacks an AV output of its own, unlike my old one. Is there any way around this, whether it be some form of device or some trick or somesuch? And can the SD setting at least do 480P, if I must do this that way?

-I'm using VirtualDub for my capture, not the crappy software this thing came with, but it seems to lack screenshotting ability in capture mode. Is there a way around this, or alternative software I could use to capture video or screenshot?

Thanks for whatever help you can offer.

yalborap on
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