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Okay, I looked for a bit, trying to see if something of this sort was already still alive around here, and I found nothing.

SHOULD I happen to be wrong, feel free to tell a moderator to explain my mistake.

So the idea with this thread is to make one image defeat the other.

You simply post an image of something that you are certain would defeat the previous image. And the next person post an image of what would defeat that. For example, if someone post an image of a volcano, a sure bet would be to post an image of the ocean and a way to defeat the ocean would be to dry it out with an image of the sun. And for god's sake soldier, make sure to write a catchy comment below the image to make your victory more victories.

  • You are not allowed to post an image twice, nor two images of the same object that has been posted. If someone break this rule their post should be ignored by the next person. No duplicates.
  • Avoid post a "too big" image. It's just annoying!
  • This is not a conversation thread. Do that somewhere else. The only reason to say anything here is if the image is unclear (And if that happened. Then you have chosen a bad image.), if the image was already posted by someone else, or has for some reason disappeared. Anything else is out of the thread.
  • Remember, this is not some "my image is way more awesome" contest, this is more "my image's concept logically in some way neutralizes the concept of your image".... contest.
  • All images are accepted. You can make one. But to randomly search for something on google is more encouraged.
I'll start then:


Who can stop BEEMAN?

Find out what it feels like to have head eaten? Y/N?
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