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Half Life 2 Surround Sound/Sound Card Recommendation

samsam7samsam7 Registered User regular
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Ok posting this on Steam was very little help so time to let H/A do its thing.

My Half Life 2 on my pc (win 7 64x) wont let me set my speakers to anything but 2. If I set it to 5.1, close the window, and check it, it's back at 2. This happens with 7.1, 4, etc. and I can watch the error happen in realtime in the console window.

I've since given up on finding some sort of fix (has something to do with onboard sound drivers) so I resorted to a sound card.

I picked up the x fi titanium which is causing me all sorts of headaches what with driver issues and the Dolby Digital not being supported for my OS (even though the card is supported for win7) so basically I'm SOL there and am going to return it.

So someone please, please, tell me what sound card they've got working with HL2 in surround sound. My mixamp accepts a Dolby signal, so that's really the only requirement I've got.

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