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Need a blog framework to meet specific needs

pirate-ardvaarkpirate-ardvaark Registered User new member
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A friend and I want to start a blog, more for fun than anything else. The layout that we'd like would have 2 columns on one page, each column written by a seperate author. The whole focus of the blog would be to have two contrasting views of a certain topic, so having the two columns side by side would facilitate this.

The technical needs we have are:
-(obviously) need secure logins for us to post under

-Commenting on the posts would be allowed. It would be most ideal if we could have the comments be per topic (i.e. one day we discuss the merits of chocolate ice cream, one blogger writes about how chocolate is the antichrist, the other writes about how it cures cancer, comments would be about the chocolate ice cream topic, not about the individual blogger views). But we'd settle for comments per entry if necessary.

-An integrated forum system (integrated as in they can post comments on the blog under the same login they use for the forums) would be great, but not necessary.

I have some experience with CSS, HTML, and ASP.NET, and feel comfortable making a custom layout if needed to go over an existing blog framework. I'd just hate to have to do everything from scratch.

pirate-ardvaark on


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    JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
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    Wordpress is a popular and simple tool. It has a very good support community that creates nice handy plugins, one of which will likely meet your needs.

    Secondly, forums are dumb until you have a sufficient readerbase. If they can comment on your writing then what else is there to talk about on YOUR forums. The reason why general topic forums like PA can work is because the host website is popular (read: good) enough to generate huge traffic and a strong community to support an endeavor, you site will not immediately do the same.

    Launching what is essentially a website about your own opinions with a forum that will stagnate for months looks pretty bad.

    Get word press, integrate it into a design, wait for reader base, then go from there.

    Jasconius on
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