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like a flash

Razorwind1Razorwind1 Registered User regular
edited January 2007 in Artist's Corner
Hey all, I know this is the 'artist corner' so i thought i might be able to get away with posting a lot of flash applications i've been fiddling about with.
The applications themselfs arent for anything inparticular, i just wanted to practice with Flash and maybe a few opinions would help me out.
Some files are a lot older than others.
A lot of the flash pages are unfinished as i've been dragged down by uni work

( i know the web address is cheesy as hell, but it was set up by my previous course tutor so i didnt really have a say)

Im not site whoring in any way, in fact theres no actual website at all..its just flash practice

Razorwind1 on


  • galengalen Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    Let's see...

    The first one didn't even load anything.

    The second one could really benefit from some sound, and your animation is too slow (like everything is in slow motion.)

    The third one was taking wayyyyy too long to load and I didn't look at it, sorry.

    Learning application looks okay, though again I think your menus slide open too slowly.

    The last one is pretty good too, I would like to see some more animation on the puppet on the right. Nothing too fancy just maybe something when you click him or mouseover?

    galen on
  • Razorwind1Razorwind1 Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    Hey, thanks.

    I've only just discovered how to use loading bars so i should probably apply them to most of the applications now.

    Unfortunately the ninja website is a bitch to load, simply becuase it was a course projects and I had to cram it full of media.

    Razorwind1 on
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