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PongePonge Registered User regular
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For my next 3D project I'm going to build a fully functional trebuchet, and I just wondered if anyone here had any experience or knew of any specific resources that might be helpful?

I've done the standard googling, and even purchased a small DIY toy trebuchet, but I was specifically looking for detailed drawings or illustrations of medieval trebuchets.


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    PhistiPhisti Registered User regular
    edited March 2010 has some information on the math behind trebuchet design. In my Science in Society class in high school we built siege engines, and of course counterbalance designs whooped the competition. Depending on how big you are going would determine what materials to use - I would recommend SPF wood (Spruce / Pine / Fir) in the sizes required for your project if you're going close to man-sized or larger.

    These machines will use a lot of wood, so plan accordingly. Big bucks can easily be spent doing something like this. If you're doing a smaller scale model Balsam Fir should be fine.

    From what I've seen only detailed drawings are for $$ so I can't say yeah or nay if it's worth looking at them. I can't even find any good books on the subject, I'd recommend the library or Chapters / Indigo and maybe have a coffee - read up on designs?


    Maybe scale it up?

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    RomTorskRomTorsk Registered User regular
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    My brother and I actually built a trebuchet a few years ago. We made it of Scots Pine after a vague memory of a blueprint and it stood 4 meters high. When we were going to launch a rock from it, it threw like 2 meters and the entire construction fell apart. Probably because the wood was really heavy.

    We failed hard without a blueprint, so you should use one and don't use Scots Pine for material.

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    PongePonge Registered User regular
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    Maybe I should clarify, I'm actually modelling this in 3D (in Houdini to be exact) and simulating it using Rigid Body Dynamics (physically simulated animation). I was just looking for some nicely detailed drawings to base my modelling off although the mathematical details are nice to refine my simulation (I already have a basic simulation set up after only a couple hours of simulation, my god I love Houdini sometimes!).

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