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Paint sealant on leather...bad?

HyperAquaBlastHyperAquaBlast Registered User regular
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So I got extremely stupid today.

Thought I'd go all crazy on cleaning my car since it was super sunny and will be for awhile. I have this brand new kit from the dealer that has a bottle of car wash gel, car paint sealant and leather protector. After the wash. the paint sealant said to only apply if you are in a shaded area and little heat so I decided I'd do the leather protector since it was mid day.

Some how I grab the wrong bottle and went to town putting what I thought was the leather stuff all over the seats and other leathery spots. Decided to let it soak in and I come back fours hour later once there is a nice shadow to do the paint sealant. When I came back it turns out the paint sealant was already opened while the leather bottle was still sealed.

I immediately got a bucket of hot water and started scrubbing the seats but there is still small speckles of this white stuff ingrained in the leather. I put on a coat of leather protection and hoped for the best. Is my interior totally fucked?

Car paint sealant was applied to leather interior and sat there for 4 hours in the sun. Oh shits?

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  • FiggyFiggy Fighter of the night man Champion of the sunRegistered User regular
    edited March 2010
    Read the bottle. Follow the directions it gives for "cleanup" or related to "spills," but other than that, you can't do much else. You'll just have to sit back and see what happens. Hopefully, the sealant isn't too corrosive and the white specs are the only side effects.

    Unless... unless you have a time machine....

    Do you have a time machine?

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  • HyperAquaBlastHyperAquaBlast Registered User regular
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    Funny you should mention time machine since it was because of the leather option I couldn't get the flux capacitor. Boy am I kicking myself now!

    Well I talked to an Autozone guy who of course is the end all of auto knowledge. He said the paint stuff shouldn't have done any harm due to what its made of and because I did a prelim cleaning so quick. He also laid in the backseat thoroughly rubbed the seats down with his hands to assure me all is fine.

    Anyways I went back through with leather cleaner and then leather conditioner just for some peace of mind since he suggested it. Seems ok except for what I thought was just some crusted up white specs from the sealant on the back of the drivers seat.

    HyperAquaBlast on
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