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PSP game stopped seeing my memory stick

MoSiAcMoSiAc Registered User regular
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Ive got a PSP2000 and I took it with me to japan as my media and game choice for the flight and all the train rides.

It worked fine up until yesterday. The game in question in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and for some reason it will not read the stick anymore. I can see the data on the stick in the psp, and the psp will load all the music and videos I have on there as well, but the game itself can not read the memory stick for some reason.

The only thing Ive tried and to no avail is blowing into where the stick plugs in just to see how that goes.

I also thought it might be corrupt data so I tried to make a new file but it wont let me save either so I dunno what to do.

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