PAX East 2010 T-Shirt exchange.

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Howdy All,

I made the mistake of not checking the shirt size of the black 2010 PAX East 2010 t-shirt at the time of purchase this weekend. I asked for a XXL, but instead was given an XL. I realized my mistake this morning when my wife asked me if I planned on loosing 40 more lbs any time soon. (Even if I did loose 40 lbs, I am much bigger in the shoulders than an XL will hold.)

I know this is a long shot, but I am hoping that someone out there has an XXL shirt that they received by accident that would be willing to trade for an XL shirt. If you do please PM me.

Regards and Thanks,

BTW, I did contact customer support at the PAX store and their response is understandable:
Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, the PAX East 2010 shirts were limited edition ones, and were only stocked for sale at PAX East. Basically, this means that we cannot exchange them for two reasons: we aren't selling them, and we don't have any to give you! I'm very sorry for the disappointment. Please feel free to contact us again with any further questions or concerns.

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    I'm in a similar boat. I bought 4 shirts at the merch booth - 3 of them were the correct size, but the PAX East shirt that was given to me is a size too small. If anyone has an XL PAX East shirt and wants to trade for a L, send a message my way.

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    Hey guys, I'm not able to provide you with an exchange, but I am willing to buy the shirts of the wrong size off of you.

    I, unfortunately, was too late to the merch booth to get a PAX East 2010 shirt :(

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    I too am looking for a PAX East 2010 shirt. They were sold out of men's shirts and I figured the women's shirts would be cut different (shorter/tapered) than they are. At this point, I don't care. I'd rock a girl's shirt. I emailed and they said they would pass along the suggestion to print more. Maybe with enough requests, they will. In any case, if anyone has a PAX East 2010 shirt to sell (or trade for any other swag shirts), guy's or girl's, please message me to figure out the details.

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