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Name says it all. I brought the ultra casual format back to my stores and casuals and vets alike are getting into the idea. We've got a sort of league forming in the Baltimore area and wonder if this format is catching on in other places. We'd love to see this catch on and battle it out against other store gladiators at a "Championship" during PAX East 2011.

If you are interested in the format and creating an unsanctioned/ranked league let us know. If you've got suggestions or ideas on how to actually structure, set up or how we would run this kind of league play post that too. Also reactions/devil advocacy to any suggestions is wanted as well as we'd like to try to solve problems before they start.

And come on, the idea of being on the team of gladiators sent by your favorite store to bring back the trophy just sounds awesome!

Ive been watching too much Spartacus:Blood&Sand...

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