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Hello! I was talking to a friend about a project I want to hire someone for but didn't know how much to offer.

He suggested I post about the project here and maybe you all could give me some advice - like how long you think the project would take and how much you think is a reasonable payment.

My boyfriend and I are talking about having wedding announcement/save the date card done in a comic-book style. Basically, a one-page six-panelish comic that would have the story of us (highly fictionalized to be exciting, of course) and a find out what happens on ____ (date of wedding) at the end. The comic would have to be easily reproduced.

Any ideas? What would you charge for such a project (I don't even know what ballpark we'd be in for this kind of project) and how long do you think it would take you? (We're not in a big hurry, we're thinking about this now so that we do have a lot of time). My initial idea was to post on Craigslist to find an artist, but do you all have any other ideas about places to find one?


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    Hello and welcome to the AC!

    New threads are supposed to be started by artists posting their work and looking for crits -- your request for work is better suited for the Questions, Discussion, Tutorials thread. This will likely get locked.

    I'm sure there would be a few people who'd take you up on the offer, though (ManonvonSuperock I am looking at you).

    Good luck with the responses!

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    I dropped you a PM

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