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Tales of Line Management in Naga Theater

ChromaticTheoryChromaticTheory Registered User new member
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I wanted to take a minute and hopefully explain the crazy lines at Naga Theater from over the weekend.

First let me introduce myself, I was the manager for Naga this year and managed Raven Theater at Prime. I've been Enforcing for several years now and it is the most fun I have at any Convention i go to.

So, the lines at Naga theater were crazy. They started off crazy and changed to a different kind of crazy. The space we had for Naga was not very optimal for a huge line of people to stand around in. I want to thank everyone that lined up for a panel at Naga for taking things in stride and not complaining too much when we would come around and shuffle people around some to try and keep things organized.

In order to accommodate a full theater our line was forced to wrap around the entire escalator foyer area. This meant that we had about 100 people standing in a line that, from an outside perspective, lead to absolutely no where. We tried to handle it as best we could and even stationed extra Enforcers at most corners to help direct people to the actual end of the line. Even with this I understand that the situation was confusing at best.

My truest thanks go out to every attendee who had to ask where Naga Theater was and where the line was only to be told we were already at capacity even though it might not look that way. You all took it in stride and were very understanding. To those of you that did then get in line for the chance to get into the theater anyways I am very glad some of you did get to see the panels you wanted. It was a very difficult task for us to keep an accurate count of how many people were already in line, and I apologize to everyone that was in line and did not get in. Thank you again for understanding that our space was limited.

I hope that next year with more space we are better able to seat more people for the panels they want to see and are better able to organize the lines in a way that makes sense to the casual observer. I look forward to seeing all of you next year and that everyone has the best time possible!

-ChromaticTheory, Naga Theater Manager

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    pobblebonkpobblebonk Registered User regular
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    Nicely done. That was a pretty confusing line.
    Manticore was terrible too, mainly due to the position of the elevators and emergency exits. The enforcers had to keep going down the line to make sure nobody was standing in front of them.

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    LordDaxLordDax Registered User regular
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    The line waves in all the lines were epic.

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