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burning .cdi files

_X__X_ Registered User regular
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I've searched google now for the last half hour or so and came up with an answer but I am unable to find the program anywhere for this. I went to play some Dreamcast today and a couple of my disks are all scratched up so I found a torrent copy of them so I could have a backup of it. Now I am having the trouble of trying to burn the game which is a .cdi file. Google says to use Disk Juggler 2 which I cannot find anywhere. If this program is not around anymore would anyone know a solution to my problem?

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    ManyCowsMooManyCowsMoo Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    A fellow dreamcaster :D

    Well you can use discjuggler 2/3 for burning the cdi files, but the problem with this is it uses some special function that is only on certain cd burners so its not very compatible.

    What I use is a program called cdi2nero which converts .cdi format to .iso which can be burned by most any cd burning software. (Download link:

    I have a site which a bunch of other dreamcast related stuff, but I'm not sure if I can post it here because its on a somewhat shady site although it doesn't contain roms or game images. PM me if you wanna' know about it.

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    polarbluepolarblue Registered User regular
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    alcohol 120% burns them as well, at least thats what i use on pc is the best place ever for all your dreamcasting needs. or at least i know it was at least a year ago.

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