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I need help with Avira's whitelist

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So, I have been trying to play system shock 2. Cause you know, nostalgia, and just got done with bioshock, and so on. Avira apparently thinks the game (specifically shock2.exe) is a piece of malware. I know that it's not a piece of malware, as it is a fresh install from the retail CD updated only with a couple of texture packs downloaded from reliable sources. And yet, even highlighting the icon produces a warning, and warnings also pop up at various times during gameplay.

I've added shock2.exe to the two exception lists in avira's control panel (Scanner > Scan > Exception and Guard > Scan > Exception), but this doesn't seem to have changed anything.

Is there a way I can tell avira that shock2.exe is a trusted program or something?

I use the free personal version, and it is up to date.

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