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GUITAR HERO II Hidden Tracks

hawaskahawaska Registered User new member
edited January 2007 in Games and Technology
I heard there was hidden tracks in the game, has anybody heard or know anything. has anyone used the cheat for air guitar y,y,b,y,o,b

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    FyreWulffFyreWulff YouRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    edited January 2007
    I'm pretty sure that you need an Action Replay to access any of the not-normally-unlockable tracks (disclaimer: never played either game yet)

    FyreWulff on
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    NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in Action North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    edited January 2007
    You did to access one of the hidden tracks in GH1.

    Unsure about GH2

    Nocren on
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    AthenorAthenor Battle Hardened Optimist The Skies of HiigaraRegistered User regular
    edited January 2007
    We have a very strong Guitar Hero 2 thread here, in which we disucss things such as this, and scores, and generally rock out.

    It looks like it's fallen off the front page, but eh. =)

    Join us, and we shall rock together. =)

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