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My fellow arcadians-

Over the years the delightful misadventures of Tycho and Gabe have more than any other media outlet changed the way i think about and absorb popular culture- THEY are the OG. Anyways, after years of loyally devouring every illustration, every blog update, every animation- i finally convinced myself to seal the deal and officially join the PA horde. As a proud specimen of Noobus maximus, i would just like to say that i hope to enjoy my stay here, and hope that i don't fuck things up too badly :P

I feel obligated to point out that Han shot first. :rotate:
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    Firstly, welcome to the forums!
    Unfortunately I'm going to start off with some bad news, this isn't the correct place to be introducing yourself (it's for bug reports and user issues). In addition, we don't really have a place for 'hi I'm new here' threads in general. Newcomers are advised to read the rule threads, as they are important and enforced, and to just take some time reading the various forums and try to get the hang of how things work. It might sound unwelcoming, but it's really just to help you integrate as best as possible.
    Good luck!

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    I strongly recommend reading our rules for every forum, in addition to the rules for any forum you plan to post in.

    Welcome to the forums.

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