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Video Card Drivers and Monitor Issue

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Hi guys,

I just recieved my new computer. I have a couple of questions.

I want to install the latest video card drivers. My video card is the ATI RADEON 5870. However on ATI's site when I pick 5870 eyefinity edition it leads me to 10.3B is this what I want? Or do I want Radeon 5xxx series which leads me to just 10.3?

Should I uninstall the ATI Catalyst Install Manager that was installed on my computer when I recieved it before I install the new drivers?

Secondly, I have a questions regarding my monitor connecting to my PC. My monitor only came with a D-Sub cable (The short blue connection. However my computer doesnt seem to have a D Sub port. I have an adapter I am using right now which converts a DVI-D to a D-Sub. However I also have an hdmi port on my computer and a hdmi port on my monitor can I use this? I tried to use this but it said no device connected? Can I hook up my computer to my monitor via HDMI? Do I need drivers for my monitor or somthing I am not sure why this wont work.

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