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Why Roger Ebert matters

geekoidgeekoid Registered User regular
edited April 2010 in Artist's Corner
He speaks to a group of people that aren't gamers. or game creators. That is a very large demographic. Having someone incorrectly say game aren't art must be responded to so that the reason he is wrong are known.

Tycho is correct, it isn't really a debate. No one is going to change his mind because it is completely closed to what is art. It's the people watching the show that you are actually addressing.

Make him look like an old fool to the demographic that doesn't game. Speak to them, let them understand why a game can be art. Help the young kid who is trying to tell his parents he wants to go learn to make games that it is 'legitimate' art.

Now I will break machinery with my head!
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  • MetalbourneMetalbourne Inside a cluster b personalityRegistered User regular
    edited April 2010
    There are plenty of other places for this, and this isn't one of them.

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  • DMACDMAC Moderator mod
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    There's plenty of discussion of this topic going on in the new comic thread over in SE++. If you want to discuss this here, take it to the [CHAT] thread please.

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