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Schema Therapy and helping me maximize my psychologist

UncleChetUncleChet N00bLancaster, PARegistered User regular
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So, I'm seeing a new VA psychologist and she's pretty cool. We're working on schema therapy right now, where you take a test, find out based on how high you score what sort of root cause issues, or schemas you have the highest (worst) scores in. I see her again in 2 weeks but would like to know what sort of things I can do to maximize teh value of our visits. I'm new to therapy and it's going well so far based on my limited experience.

I'm not asking anyone to play Dr, but to instead give advice based on experience, or suggestions for getting the most out of therapy =)

I'm sometimes grumpy and random, feel free to overlook the strange man in the corner.
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  • CognisseurCognisseur Registered User regular
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    I hadn't heard of schema therapy before so I looked it up and found this nifty guide you may find interesting. Link goes to PDF.

    Having read it, this is just variation #5434634 of Beck's Cognitive Therapy for Depression. If you're suffering from Depression, or some sort of overall long-term personality issues, then I think this schema therapy could help you.

    If you're suffering from some sort of anxiety disorder, or PTSD, then I'm not sure this is the therapy best oriented for your needs. It could still be helpful, and it'll definitely produce some personal growth in you, but things like anxiety and PTSD have other very effective methods of treatment.

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