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Transcribing something in a website into word pad

noir_bloodnoir_blood Registered User regular
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Okay, I don't think there should be any issue with me posting this, but if so, please have a mod close it.

For my creative writing class, our final exam consists of us writing an essay about our favorite short story, which as far as assignments go, its pretty damn easy. Really the only difficult part is that along with that our prof is asking us to type out the short story out in word-he says so that we can sort of experience the flow of the story as it was originally typed, and so that he has the story to read as he grades our papers.

Now, I have my paper and short story all typed up, so everything is fine. Except that just recently I came across Elmore Leonard's 'Fire in the Hole' short story, which just became one of my favorite stories I read in a long time, and I think I can write a better paper out of it. The catch is that it's really more of a novella, and I just don't have the time to type out another paper and also transcribed the short story.

Coincidentally, the shorty story has just been released in full in harper collin's website. The catch is that it's in one of those book viewer formats, so I can't see an easy way to get that to word pad(then again, I'm not much of a computer person). I'm curious if any one knows of a way to getting it into word pad.

Here's the link . If nothing else, it's a great story that I recommend people read. And then check out Justified on FX since they based the show of it.

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  • stahstah Registered User regular
    edited May 2010
    I've seen Justified. Great show. I'll prolly read this sometime.

    From what I can tell (and I'm not an expert) it looks like those are "images" and wouldn't be easily moved to text. You could try one of those "talk to text" apps, but that might just be too much work.

    You could ask your teacher how he'd handle it. Explain that you have your paper written but think you could do better with this story. He might be able to help, or just let you turn in a link to the website.

    Or, just turn in your old paper.

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  • ransimransim Registered User regular
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    My suggest, if you need it as text, look on Bit Torrent. This is of course AFTER you purchase a legal copy. But I'm sure you can find a torrent of the raw text.

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