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RROD'd xbox

robotbeboprobotbebop Registered User regular
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So in March, my Xbox RROD'd, and then it was covered by the 3-yr warranty for that issue.

They sent me a UPS label, and not having a printer, I would've had to print it at work. Unfortunately I never got a chance to do it when I remembered, and the thing they sent me expired.

So I've been meaning to just call MS and re-do it.

I just cancelled my previous order and tried to re-do it online and it kept asking for a CC#; so I call in and they tell me that it was covered until March.


Thing is, I know I bought it sometime after August 2007, so I should be good up until August of this year. I just don't have my invoice anymore and sadly the London Drugs I bought it at doesn't have an invoice on file either :(

Now, I remember back when I worked at Stream supporting HP notebooks/workstations, if a customer had a unit that was called in on a specific issue and as long as the unit was IN warranty when they called it in it was good for repair, even if they didn't actually send it in until well after the OOW date. This was also for business customers though :?

Does that fly at MS or am I just screwed?

In case I am screwed, where can I get a basic console for cheap?

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  • dooBersdooBers Registered User regular
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    My 360 RRoD'd a few months ago, and I didn't feel like waiting weeks for it to be fixed, so I just fixed it myself. Turn it on, and press eject and sync on the front of the system 4 times to get the error code, 4 lights being 0, 1 light being 1 etc. then google the code to get a general idea what the problem is. I used the penny fix to fix mine, took about 20 minutes total.

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