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Choose your own adventure [voip GAME ON]

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I have a stable work schedule and free time! It's time to roleplay.

I'm looking for a few good (marginally is fine, newb is fine also) players for a voice over internet game to happen either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

It's been awhile and I've got a few worlds written up so the players will get to choose the game. What they choose dictates what online tools they'll need so we won't go into that until we set a game. Yes we will be using Vent/Skype/Teamspeak. That's the point.

The choices are as follows:

System: D6
In Brief: In the period between The 4th and the 6th Movie a small trade ship tries to make a living without getting caught up in the war. Can the captain and his motley crew keep the ship flying, out of debt, and not targeted by either side, succumb to the temptation of easy Imperial credits, or get caught up in a rebel scheme?

Open world, no set adventure, no end time line, and shut up about Firefly, Starwars has been doing this set up in adventures long before it came out. Not to say you can't steal stuff from the setting, it's a great setting... just don't complain about it.

System: D6
In Brief: For as long as anyone can remember the earth has been poisoned. Massive valleys filled with gas and razor sharp rocks divide a few habitable mesa. Even the air sometimes contains terrible choking gas that lights easily and creates massive fireballs. Man has taken to the air using steamships powered by water and cavorite to wage war over the few habitable areas of the planet. How will the officers of one of these massive warships fare in this war drama?

Set Storyline Backdrop, high chance of a characters girlfriend getting killed in dramatically horrific way... probably at his own accidental hand. Anime style Steampunk, heavy RP

The Dungeon of Infinity
D&D 4th
In Brief: Straight hack and slash. Players will delve into an infinitely deep dungeon, no way out except death.

Random dungeons and random monsters, no pulled punches. You die, you make up a new character and keep going. You WILL be eaten by a Grue.

Legend of the Five Rings:
In Brief: Fue Leng is dead, and a new great clan has replaced the fallen Scorpians. As a new Samuri training in the Cicada lands will you bring honor to your family? Or fopa your way into Seppuku at the end of your own sword? And remember, something out there is evil enough to drive a god mad, you could be next.

Noncannon L5R, heavy RP,

Nazis and Wizards
In Brief: A group of WWII German soldiers is accidently transported to a fantastic land? Will they cleanse the fae folk in the name of the Fatherland or become dragon chow?

Nazis VS. Dragons. What more do you need?

In Brief: Time for college! Unfortuntaly Metahuman Transubstination "How not to get sued for turning the neighbors kid into living plasma" is filled up, but we do have a spot in either "Boot licking 101 "How I stopped worrying and learned to like that gritty taste" or "High powered short range tactical nuclear weapons - Lab"

IOU is SJGames playground. Anything and everything exists here, and there is always something bigger and meaner than you. Fortunately death is by no means permanent, but that doesn't mean its pleasant either.

Bunny's and Burrows
In Brief: You're rabbits. Yes. Rabbits. Regular run of the mill wild rabbits.

Go read Watership Down and after the mental trauma subsides come talk to me. It's awesome, trust me.

There you go. Talk amongst yourself if you have the time and decide what you'd like to play!

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