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Virus Problem Help

TubularLuggageTubularLuggage Registered User regular
I didn't know if this belonged here or in Help / Advice. Mods, feel free to move it if it's better suited to that section.

One of my folks has recently developed some virus related issues on their laptop.
It only affects their profile. Other profiles on their laptop are unaffected.

- They're running Vista. They do have anti-virus software, but this apparently got around that.
- A bunch of fake virus scan / virus warning messages keep appearing, mostly as error messages or 'text boxes' from the running app tray.
- When they try to run almost any program, and even when they try control alt delete, the program immediately closes, and a message says that it's infected.

If any other information is needed to help fix this problem, just ask, and I'll answer as best I can.

They've tasked me with fixing this, but my tech knowledge is admittedly limited. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. What course of action needs to be taken here? Reformatting is a possibility, as an absolute last resort.

Edit: The problem has been fixed with a simple System Restore. Feel free to disregard this.

TubularLuggage on
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