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Laptop Hardrive running hot, running no more

Tails CorraTails Corra Registered User regular
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I'll start this thread out admiting I probably screwed the pooch on this one...

My laptop had been acting funny of late, not running as fast as normal etc, but I also noticed it was a little hotter than usual where the harddrive sits on the unit. The other day I dropped the power usage by a bit which seemed to help the problem, but it still had me a little concerned.

Finally last night Windows came to a screaming halt and now it won't recognize my harddrive as a bootable device. To note at this point I never heard any noises comming from the drive so I don't beleive there is any physical damage yet (but I could be wrong). I never noticed any burning smell either.

My most important question is if this hard drive is salvagable, or at least the data on there (which includes backups from the last computer I had)? If I can't access the recovery potion of the drive I figure the laptop is screwed anyway (it never came with system CDs, saying all nessesary utilities were on the HD... great).

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