North West classic Gaming and pinball this weekend june 11-13th

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Hi guys, not sure if this is right forum but I new I had to post this somewhere here for the North West gamers. I'm a fan of the 80's arcades and saw this was happening up here so I thought you guys should know about it. I'm looking forward to it, this will be my second year going to it and they're having one of the designers of the original TRON arcades there.

* Details for the 2010 show! *

* 250 pinball and arcade games all set on FREE PLAY
* IFPA-sanctioned pinball tournament
* World record high score attempts
* Celebrities from the gaming world
* Pro and amateur arcade and pinball tournaments
* Raffles and prizes, win your own arcade game or pinball machine
* Seminars, including:

* George Gomez - Pinball game designer (Tron, Spy Hunter, Monster Bash, Pinball 2000, Sopranos, Lord of the Rings, Revenge from Mars)
* John Trudeau - Pinball game designer (Rocky, Silver Slugger, The Machine: Bride of Pinbot, Black Rose, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Judge Dredd, Congo)
* David Thiel - Pinball and video game sound designer (Golden Tee, Capcom Bowling, Mad Planets, Q*bert, Reactor and pins like Indiana Jones, Wheel of Fortune, Spiderman)
* Steve Ritchie - Pinball & video game designer (Spider-Man, Star Trek: The Next Generation, High Speed, Flash, Terminator 2)
* Jim Schelberg - Publisher of PinGame Journal
* Steve Wiebe - Star of "The King Of Kong" movie
* Walter Day - founder of Twin Galaxies and the Video Game Hall of Fame. Day has been score keeper of the world's gaming records, from '80s arcade games to modern Playstation 3 and XBOX games. He's star of the documentary "Chasing Ghosts" and was the enthusiastic referee in "The King of Kong."
* Clay Harrell (AKA Shaggy) - star of the hit pinball restoration series "This Old Pinball."

See full seminar schedule for 2010 Nothwest Pinball and Gameroom Show

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    What I would give to be there..

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