Any Reason for E3 Thread locks?

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Seems the E3 threads are getting locked in G&T. Seems a little odd given the nature of not only that forum but the entire forums in general.

The main big thread got locked for being over the normal page limit, despite the fact that last year the E3 thread had over 350 pages and was never touched, likely to keep things all in one place instead of 100 different threads. (http://forums.penny-arcade.com/showthread.php?t=91637 Last years thread)

Disappointed to see this kind of response. Really dont want to have to go to GAF of all places for live discussion of the conferences.

Edit: I see one of them is now open, but I still don't understand this kind of response in comparison to last year.

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    The thread limit has been 100 pages for something like 10 years. You're going to have to learn to cope with that.

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