Windows XP - Symbolic Links?

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I hope I'm thinking of the right terms here. What I have is a desire to have a local file on my C: drive act like it's in my L: drive.

For example:

Real file is C:\Stuff\Test.txt

What I'm hoping to get is :


which points to C:\Stuff\Test.txt.

It's a word merge problem I'm having. The local file is a word doc of merge variables, but the merge files are over the net. So when word opens, it has to plug in values from the Merge variables doc, and if left on the L:\ (net dir), it takes quite a while.

In an effort to increase speed of merging letters, I thought it could be done with some kind of Symbolic or Hard link that can be deleted and recreated before every merge (if it needs to be).

I'd read about junctions, but also read they don't handle cross-volumes at all. I know about linkd and mklink, but mklink is vista+ and not available to windows xp, which most of my employees are using at this time. I'm thinking I'll just copy linkD to my employees and use it from a batch file...

So - any suggestions?

As always, thanks so much in advance.

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