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Steam overlay problem (it's enabled!) and Logitech mouse query

psyck0psyck0 Registered User regular
Hey dudes,

I am trying to enjoy Mass Effect, recently purchased through Steam, but am having some problems. Firstly, the overlay isn't working even though it is enabled when I right click the game and check properties, and works for TF2 and other games. Secondly, I am trying to use Logitech's SetPoint software that came with my G500 mouse to set custom keystrokes to the thumb buttons for actions, so that I can use them in-game (ME doesn't detect my thumb buttons). The software supposedly switches between profiles depending which applications are running, and I have created a profile assigned to mass effect's exe, but it doesn't activate when mass effect is running. The keystroke assignments DO work when assigned to my general profile, proving that the problem is not switching from my general to my ME profile like I set it up to do.

Running 64 bit Windows 7 professional.


Oh, also also, that stupid UAC keeps coming up every time I boot up Mass Effect. I think it has something to do with running it as admin- it won't run, else. How do I stop it?

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