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I think my GPU is going...

Evil WeevilEvil Weevil Registered User regular
edited June 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
I have a 9500 GT, so a budget low gaming card I got in January of '09. It's worked great for my needs until about a few months ago, when the fan started to act up badly. I didn't know what it was, so I ignored it, and really all it was was an annoying sound. However, just a few days ago, my computer games began to crawl to stand-stills every 5 minutes, like 1 FPS for a minute, and it was really annoying me.

I ran anti-viruses, discovered that wasn't the case, and checked my EVGA Precision tool.

Holy ****. It was going at 104 degrees CELSIUS. I did research, and it turns out my GPU card is notorious for having the ball bearings on the fan breaking, causing to overheating problems.

It's currently idling at 72 degrees, and it cooled down from 91 degrees 20 minutes earlier after playing a round of L4D, but this is ridiculous temperatures. I think my warranty is void because I OC'd it, so I can't send it back in.

I don't have enough money at all to get a new GPU, but I'm still living with parents so I could get a summer job, all I want is like a 100$ card, like a 9800, not too fancy.

So my question is, is there anyway to cool it down without buying anything, or will I have to go out and get a job?

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  • proXimityproXimity Registered User regular
    edited June 2010
    Point another fan at it, mounted on the case side?

    proXimity on
  • romanqwertyromanqwerty Registered User regular
    edited June 2010
    Firstly, make sure you clean out all the dust that's accumulated in it as that will drastically reduce heat flow. I use a small paintbrush to do this.

    Next you'll want to set up a fan to take the hot air from the GPU out of the case. They have special fans like this that fit into a PCI slot but a well positioned regular fan should probably do the trick.

    In the interim you might be able to get away with just taking the side of the case off and pointing a household fan at it.

    romanqwerty on
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