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Everybody Dance Now [Dancing Thread!]

ZonugalZonugal (He/Him) The Holiday ArmadilloI'm Santa's representative for all the southern states. And Mexico!Registered User regular
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I look around these parts filled with gloom and doom. Threads on disappointment, loss and an entire sub-section dedicated to whining. Such despair can only be uplifted with the golden touch of dancing. Maybe your at the club, the wedding or even in your own home when the rhythm takes you for a ride. Come and jump aboard the the groove express which never stops chugging along.

So what rocks your body?
Is it the slow styling of smooth jazz?

Maybe the rumble of jungle that is urban movement ring all too true.

Perhaps the moves of an older generation are ever fresh to you?

Could it be the sultry and ever sexy steps of the romantics?

How do you express yourself on the dance floor?

How do you work your body in precision with the flow of music?

How do you shake it?

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