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Zune Streaming to Xbox 360?

SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today!Registered User regular
It doesn't seem like we've had a new Zune thread since the last one hit 100, so I'll just ask in general.

Since I switched to my new Xbox 360 S, I'm no longer able to stream music through the Zune software to my Xbox 360. This sucks, since I had everything sorted and organized just as I liked it in Zune.

My Zune software appears to see my Xbox 360 (both the new one, and what I assume was the old one), but my Xbox 360 just doesn't see it. It can connect to WMP11's sharing--is that causing a conflict? I could have sworn it might have, but it's been more than a year since I dealt with that problem.

The Zune Network Sharing Service is running, and unblocked in my firewall. There should be no reason my Zune software doesn't broadcast. Can anyone help?

EDIT: Solved, DRM issue. Took an hour and a half with a surprisingly dedicated Xbox customer service rep, but it works. Mods, please delete.

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