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Rimelands: Hammer of Thor - Epic, dice based RPG for the iPhone

CrescentMoonCrescentMoon Registered User
edited July 2010 in Games and Technology
Greetings and felicitations, RPG fans! I've excitedly composed this missive to announce the impending release of the first episode in the Rimelands series, Hammer of Thor.

Rimelands is a turn-based RPG that pays reverent homage to tabletop gaming, with loving attention paid to the dice. It features an epic story, set in an alternate history universe that mixes traditional fantasy elements with SteamPunk technology. There is a huge world built around the main story in addition to procedurally generated dungeons, as well as an artifact fabrication system and multiple skill paths.

Rimelands is currently in beta, and is a collaboration between Dicework Games and Crescent Moon Games, creators of the iPhone hit Ravensword.

You can get more info and view the trailer at


CrescentMoon on
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