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White Knight Chronicles Q/A

KatoKato Registered User
edited July 2010 in Games and Technology
Back on father's day, my boys picked out White Knight Chronicles and hooked me up. Big mistake as the game has hooked myself and my wife...and even the boys. Been playing online for a while now after beating the game for a 2nd time (was too easy....) and I do have a few questions about online play and geonet. Maybe some people here can help.

When you are questing and you can search the areas for items, what is that based off of? Is it simply the area that the quest is in and what is normally in that area when play through it in single player or does your own geonet stats figure in to it?

I have looked around online and I have not been able to find some info that I could use. The manual sucks. It does not even bother to tell you what each of the stats are supposed to represent and give you a hint as to what they effect in the game. You can assume that STR adds in to damage, but what does AGI and DEX add in too? That kind of info.

We are using a USB keyboard to make chatting easier. Will the PS3 accept a wireless keyboard though? We have had to resort to blowing up the air mattress and using that as a couch with some pillows so we can play and be close enough to the ps3/keyboard. On a side note, will the PS3 work with one of the wireless keyboard/mouse combos? I would be interested in playing Modern Warefare someday, but only if I can use a keyboard/mouse. I just can't play FPS games with a joystick. I have tried...and I grew up with KB/Mouse.

The game can use a headset. Any good suggestions on what a good headset would be to use? If you use a headset, I am going to assume that you then lose all sound to your tv (which for us, would really suck). Hope that is not the case though. And...this is going to sound weird, but is there a way to have two people with a headset on and be able to listen and chat with players? We take turns playing and watch so it would be great if we could both chat with other players during all of this.

We have rebirthed once now and working our way up. Looking for any general tips from anyone and that sort of thing. Any really good webistes for game info or something would be appreciated. My google-fu has not delivered a whole lot and I don't always trust japanese to english translations.

Kato on


  • Ah_PookAh_Pook Registered User regular
    edited July 2010
    theres a white knight chronicles thread, for your specifically WKC related questions.

    the ps3 will accept bluetooth keyboards, or you can get a dirt cheap USB extension cord and continue using the usb keyboard youve got. bluetooth mice will also work, but the number of games that support kb+m control is extremely limited. like possibly only unreal tournament 3 supports that, i cant think of any others off the top of my head.

    i use the official sony ps3 bluetooth headset and its great. there are other solid options, but i havent explored them personally. when you use a headset the voice chat is fed through the headset and everything else comes through your regular speakers. i dont know if two people can use headsets at the same time, as i only have one headset personally.

    Ah_Pook on
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  • MalReynoldsMalReynolds The Hunter S Thompson of incredibly mild medicines Registered User regular
    edited July 2010
    I feel I should also add that if/when WKC2 comes to the US, it will feature a remade first game using the new mechanics of the second game, and from what I've read that includes cutting out a large amount of guesswork when it comes to stats and what specific attacks actually do.

    MalReynolds on
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  • urahonkyurahonky Registered User regular
    edited July 2010
    Yeahhhh... This game brings back bad memories. I thought I was having fun till one day the thought of running some of the online quests wanted to make me vomit in terror. So I decided to play the single player some more.... Boy was that a mistake.

    Then I heard about WKC2 forcing you to play through the first one (if what I read is meant to be believed) if you didn't finish it.

    urahonky on
  • Ah_PookAh_Pook Registered User regular
    edited July 2010
    i ended up really kind of hating this game after a while. its just a soul sucking grind with nothing fun or interesting to make up for it. i was really excited about it prerelease too, since i loved dark cloud 2 a ton.

    Ah_Pook on
    Pancho needs your prayers it's true
    But save a few for Lefty too
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